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Meet Connect Lifetime Deal

WorkHub Connect is a powerful video conferencing tool helping users communicate with their remote team members via chat, audio, and video call.

Its top-quality video conferencing services simplify the process by creating live headshots of the employees after regular intervals on an interactive Team Wall.

Thus, giving you a realistic experience of how teams are performing remotely.

In addition to that, WorkHub Connect also offers widgets to allow live support on your web platforms.

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WorkHub Connect is a diverse platform that offers smooth communication abilities for a variety of businesses.

Multiple Businesses Single Platform

Marketing Agencies
Connect is less formal than an official email and less time-consuming than online meeting sessions or phone calls.

Our unique communication features allow your marketing team to be more economical with their words and time without sacrificing the quality of connectivity.

IT Specialists
Connects brings your IT team together on a single platform where they can share their strategies & designs, solve problems and collaborate efficiently with built-in productivity features.

Increase transparency in your team by announcing updates and mentioning team members in channels.

Moreover, organize team communication by sharing relevant information precisely in groups and in private conversations.

Educational Institutions
Teachers can automate their primary mode of delivering lectures and make them more interesting and engaging for their students during virtual classes with WorkHub Connect.

At the same time, students can unify communications and information sharing across a single platform.

Connect offers exciting features to improve teacher and student communication as well as learning activities.

Small To Medium Scale Startups
WorkHub Connect provides an exceptional communication platform that imparts speed, reliability, flexibility, and connectivity to your startup.

Establish a rock-solid team communication strategy with Connect that is vital to ensure that your startup will grow.

After all, you should never forget that every successful organization is ultimately made up of people. And people need the right tools and the right startup supervision to thrive.

Let’s uncover what Connect has to offer:

  • Intelligent Team Wall
  • Automated Attendance Management
  • Hassle-free Audio/Video Conferencing
  • Data-sharing and collaboration
  • Call Recordings
  • Endless Integrations
  • Manage Availability Status
  • Single Click Connect
  • Uninterrupted Internal Communication
  • Chat Without Limits
  • Swift Screen Sharing
  • And much more in the form of Team Walls & Channels

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