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Today running successful businesses is all about presenting your data in a form that is easy to assimilate and work with.

As an able entrepreneur, you want your data to be pictured into a story that is both exuberant, pictorial and at the same time factual in every sense.

You must be wondering why this is yet not possible.

Well, it is now.

Meet Columns Lifetime Deal brings you a platform that can convert your data into a story in just five minutes.

Yes, you have heard it right, just five minutes.

It is a simple yet powerful platform that uses your valuable data to present the most eye-catching insights generated with columns.

You can achieve this using the most interactive GUI (Graphical User Interface) app provided by


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Just 3 Easy Steps:-

  • Connecting your data
  • Analyzing and visualizing
  • Designing and publishing your data.

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Key Features

Make Progress Every Day

Intelligence:- Achieve your goal faster
One click to the most relevant insight that is automatically generated by Columns.

Storytelling:- Unleash your creativity
Build your personalized data story easily with the right tools – annotation, animation, highlights, contrast…

Communication:- Keeps your team up
Communicate business intelligence at the common workspace with your team over slack, teams, or just browsers.


How will Columns Provide you the Cutting Edge

Effective Storytelling:- Columns have the ability to convert your raw data into an intuitive and pictorial form of visualization in just a few clicks.

With the features provided by the platform, you can use shapes, colors, annotations and animations to build an effective story that is both easy to grasp for your employees as well as clients.

There is no doubt that in a short period you can expect more positive responses from your employees and clients and boost your business.

Integrate it with Communication Channels:- The platform is highly integrable with the most common communication platforms like Slack.

This provides you with the added advantage of sharing the story with your clients and employees immediately and receiving valuable suggestions and feedback.

Therefore, assisting you to intake faster decisions based on relevant facts.

Extrapolate Data from SQL:- You can use data stored in your SQL warehouse and extrapolate it and the SQL IDE provided with will help you build your data model with that particular data.

This feature facilitates big data handling with low latency.

Supports all Data Types:- The platform provides you with APIs to connect to various data types whether it is in form of CSV files or stored in data warehouses like a snowflake, BigQuery etc.

This feature will never let your data reside idle.

So, what are you dynamic entrepreneurs over there waiting for?

Indulge in making some of the most beautiful and charismatic stories out of your data to impress your clients with Columns Lifetime Deal today.

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