Clientjoy : The Best CRM Software For Businesses And Freelancers

Clientjoy : The Best CRM Software For Businesses And Freelancers

Clientjoy Lifetime Deal

All entrepreneurs feel some time during the journey to success have faced the issue of interacting, treating every client in a specific manner, and above all retaining the clients for business.

Now, this is a very cumbersome and frustrating effort if it is all done manually.

But in the competitive world of marketing today, one can easily lag behind in sales profit and business growth if the aspect of holding on to your clients is not done efficiently.

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Meet Clientjoy Lifetime Deal

To help you flourish in this aspect of business, Clientjoy is one platform that has been specifically designed to help you achieve that special relationship with your clients owing to which you will certainly be able to attain permanency with your leads for an optimum time frame.

In other words, you will never lose a client due to poor communication at any point in time.

Clientjoy Lifetime Deal will enhance team alignment, productivity, and smarter decisions come naturally by congregating your data spread out across multiple platforms.

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4K+ Agencies & 9K+ Freelancers from 90+ Countries Make More Sales,
Retain existing Clients and Get Paid on Time with Clientjoy.

Why Clientjoy??

  • All in 1 CRM: Clientjoy CRM has the power of 8 tools in 1, You can manage your entire business, typically a journey from a Prospect to a Client, & everything in-between
  • Client Management: Manage your clients seamlessly using Clientjoy Client Portal, Embed over 1000+ Apps like Asana, Figma, Google Data Studio Reports, Your Clients Website, and Google Drive allowing your clients to get a real-time view of your work.
  • Support: Supremely acclaimed Support Team with an average Response time of 15 mins in the majority of geographies.
  • Rare Find: Clientjoy is the only CRM that packs 8+ tools within it and still offers a Lifetime Deal at a super reasonable price.

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Grow your Agency:

  1. Know which Leads to Focus on next
  2. Create and Manage Meetings, Tasks, and Calls with your Leads and Clients
  3. Manage your Sales Pipeline with high efficacy and transparent data
  4. Let your leads and clients book a time of their convenience using our Scheduler
  5. Connect your Email with Clientjoy to keep your Conversations with Leads & Clients Contextual
  6. Create and Re-Use your own Proposal Templates with Merge Fields
  7. Get your Proposals, Quotes, Estimates, or Contracts E-Signed to reduce Turn Around Times
  8. See when your Leads and Clients Open your Proposals so you can time your Follow-ups

Get Paid on Time:

  1. Bill your clients in multiple currencies with compliant invoices in Clientjoy
  2. Manage your Tax Rates across items and categories as per your location
  3. Work with One time, Recurring & Split Payment systems
  4. Let Stripe, Paypal, or Payoneer charge your clients recurringly so you always get paid on time
  5. Set up automated reminders for your clients so you never have to manually follow up

Manage your Clients:

  1. Keep your client updated on daily basis using our White-labeled Client Portal
  2. Implement Analytics, Chats, and everything in between to make your Client Experience Awesome
  3. Manage access to the client portal for each of your client contacts
  4. Track each and every interaction and activity with your clients on an organized Timeline
  5. Bring all your client conversations in a single place with Clientjoy across emails and notes

Automate Your Business:

  1. Generate healthy Leads/Prospects using Email Sequences
  2. Integrate Clientjoy with 3000+ Applications using Zapier, Pabbly, Integromat, Syncspider & Make.
  3. Set up Auto Reminder for Invoice Follow ups, Internal Task & more

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Manage your Entire Agency or your small business on Clientjoy CRM

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Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime.
  • Redemption deadline: 60 days from purchase
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

Original price was: $299.00.Current price is: $129.00.

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