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Certyfile : Protect your documents with blockchain

Certyfile : Protect your documents with blockchain

Certyfile Lifetime Deal

Are you tired of spending hours scheduling appointments and waiting in lines to notarize your important documents? Are you concerned about the security of your important documents when storing them digitally or sharing them online? Are you looking for a more efficient way to notarize and manage your important documents?

Say goodbye to all these problems with Certyfile Lifetime Deal.

Certyfile is your online digital notary solution that ensures the protection and certification of your important documents. Its advanced platform uses cutting-edge blockchain technology to provide a secure and permanent record of your documents that cannot be tampered with or lost.

With Certyfile, you can easily and quickly register your relevant documents and business secrets before sharing them, including NDAs, collaboration agreements, manufacturing procedures, algorithms, etc.

This makes it an ideal solution for businesses of all types and sectors, including eCommerce, Legaltech, insurtech, startups, SaaS, digital training, design and architecture studios, consultancies, agencies, and more.

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Join over 2,000 satisfied clients who trust Certyfile to protect and certify their essential documents. Using Certyfile’s innovative technology, you can save costs and increase profitability while ensuring the security of your documents. Don’t wait any longer – take your project to the next level with Certyfile.

Don’t leave your important documents vulnerable to theft, loss, or damage. Protect them with Certyfile today and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your documents are secure. Get started now and experience the future of online notarization.

4 Steps to PROTECT & NOTARIZE Your Documents:

  1. Verify your identity – Fill out the registration form and verify your identity. This is the same process when you go to a notary, and it’s necessary to be in full compliance. Buy credits to notarize your documents immediately.
  2. Notarize your document – Upload your document at the main dashboard with a title and a description, and click the button. We’ll register your file digital fingerprint in the blockchain in seconds.
  3. Download your receipt – Download your receipt with all the transaction data and access to the historical notarized documents. Remember: we don’t keep your original files.
  4. Keep original document – To maintain the registration’s validity, present the exact file you registered. The verification process detects the smallest modifications.

What industries can benefit from using Certyfile to protect and certify sensitive documents with advanced blockchain technology?

Certyfile is the perfect solution for businesses that handle sensitive information and require a secure and reliable way to certify their documents. Whether dealing with high-value R&D, handling confidential information, or being strongly dependent on GDPR, Certyfile can help you protect your documents and ensure their legal authorship.

Certyfile uses advanced blockchain technology to provide a time-stamped certification that guarantees the authenticity and ownership of your documents. With Certyfile, you can avoid plagiarism and protect your valuable intellectual property.

Certyfile is particularly useful for companies in technology, biotech, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, law firms, HR, agencies, property managers, insurance companies, commercial agencies, suppliers, and more. If you handle sensitive information that needs to be protected against third parties, Certyfile can provide a secure and reliable solution for certifying your documents.

Use Cases


  • Ultimate security – You don’t need to trust a third party. We replace trust with mathematical proof.
  • Total responsibility – The transparency of an immutable layer allows you to safely and transparently track any action from its origins. It supports and facilitates independent audits.
  • Private and immutable data – Due to the latest cryptographic technology, your certification data is safely and privately stored under a unique digital trace.
  • Digital evidence – Blockchain-based hashing and timestamps form the best digital evidence to guarantee the authenticity of a document.


  • 200 annual registrations
  • Digital identity
  • Fully legal compliance around the world
  • Always up-to-date blockchain technology
  • Friendly interface
  • Premium support
  • Stack 1 additional code
  • 500 annual registrations

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