Casttingo : Change Background on Live Streaming

Quick Overview

A very simple and easy to set up.

No traditional remote control is needed.

Stunning backgrounds & templates.

Suitable for all major live streaming platforms.


Have you encountered these problems on live streaming?

  • The background is monotonous
  • Display quality is difficult to adjust
  • Fewer filters
  • Professional apps cost a lot
  • The specific details cannot be seen
  • Low beauty level

Meet Casttingo

Casttingo is a professional live streaming assistant app suitable for all major live-streaming platforms. When using this tool, you can switch the background with one click and change the filters easily. With just a few simple steps, you can easily create a professional live room.

Tutorial Video


Compatible with Major Live Platforms and Operating Systems

See What Casttingo Does for You!

One-tap Background Changer

It only takes one second to change the background in live streaming. There are massive background templates for you to choose from!

Variety of Filters Available

You can choose from different styles of filters, such as vintage, film, and fresh. There is always one to touch you!

HD Beauty Mode

Try the beauty mode to create flawless and good skin. Keep yourself real and charming!

Customize Picture and Video Background

Customize the live background between the video and image as you like. You have the final say!

Operating Devices:

  • Android
  • Window’s
  • iOS

Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: lifetime.

What you get in this deal

  • One-tap Background Changer
  • Variety of Filters Available
  • HD Beauty Mode
  • Customize Picture
  • Video Background



Frequently Asked Questions

Questions:- Is Casttingo app free?

- Yes. Casttingo is a free app now.

Questions:- What are the main functions of Casttingo?

- Casttingo is a professional chroma key/green screen app for live streaming and it allows you to customize the background freely.

4 reviews for Casttingo : Change Background on Live Streaming

  1. Avatar

    Sharma Jii

    I have used a couple of streaming apps and it is the best so far! No lagging and smooth streaming! Best for live selling!

  2. Avatar

    Dell Pansy

    Is a very good streaming app I recommend using it rather than just streaming right off the Twitch app it will help you customize background and add extra things to your live stream.

  3. Avatar

    Susil Mondal

    What a great app! solved my streaming issues and allows me to use my phone for an additional camera feed. I simply love it, never felt disappointed.

  4. Avatar

    kylepmulligan (verified owner)

    I have downloaded and signed up with Gmail do I need to have a purchase code for this?
    Or app completely free

    • admin


      It’s completely free.

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