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Bright Directories Lifetime Deal

Creating a directory website can be challenging due to flawed market options and complex software requirements.

Simplify the Launch of Your Directory Website with Bright Directories Lifetime Deal.

It’s a self-hosted, customizable software that is user-friendly, streamlining your listings and attracting a large consumer base.

Experience a seamless setup with our support team, with no reliance on plugins, swift server management, SEO-friendly URLs, and continuous updates for business upgrades. Achieve exponential growth with an easy-to-use software solution.

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Unlock the Benefits:

  • Comprehensive industry coverage to meet specific listing requirements.
  • Powerful search and filtering options for efficient user connections.
  • Integrated user-generated reviews for enhanced transparency.
  • Mobile-friendly interface for easy accessibility.
  • Maps and directions integration to help users locate local businesses.
  • Increased engagement and traffic from social media and other sources.
  • Customized features to showcase your unique brand identity, supported by our dedicated technical team.
  • Accurate analysis and insights to track your online presence and make data-driven decisions.

Standout Features of Bright Directories:

  • Personalized user dashboard tailored to your preferences.
  • Robust webhook integration, connecting your existing workflows to over 100 software applications.
  • AI-based Lead Matching for maximizing revenue potential.
  • A diverse range of themes with unique feature lists.
  • Access to over 30 themes to choose from.
  • Seamless upgrade and customization without any risk of data loss.
  • Effortless backup options for added peace of mind.
  • Free to Premium pricing plans offering greater control over revenue generation.

Simplified Admin Dashboard for Easy Management

Designed with elegance and user-friendliness in mind, providing you with the best features for seamless usage.

  1. Total Members: Monitor and track registered members, gaining insights into user base expansion and engagement. Make data-driven decisions to enhance directory success.
  2. Total Posts Added: Keep tabs on user-generated posts to gauge user activity and improve the content and user experience accordingly.
  3. Total Revenue: Get a comprehensive analysis of your directory’s financial performance, including earnings from various sources. Make informed decisions on pricing and revenue plans for long-term development and profitability.

Easily measure total income, total postings, and total members in a centralized interface for improved administration and decision-making. Gain a holistic perspective of your directory’s success.

Member Management

Enjoy seamless features for member administration, including:

  1. Search Members: Quickly find specific members by name, email, or other relevant information, ensuring efficient member support.
  2. Member Categories: Categorize members based on specific criteria, enabling targeted communication and increased member engagement.
  3. Member Review: Read, accept, or moderate user-submitted member reviews, enhancing review quality, fostering user trust, and gaining valuable insights into member experiences.

Experience a comprehensive membership toolkit for effective management, personalized segmentation, and maintaining the integrity of member reviews.

Content Management

Take control of your website’s content effortlessly:

  1. Manage Webpages: Create, edit, and manage webpages with ease, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  2. Manage Posts: Maintain the quality of user-generated articles by classifying, tagging, and scheduling publications. Publish various content types for users’ benefit.

Experience a user-friendly content management section, enabling admins to effortlessly manage webpages and posts, create captivating content, and enhance the directory’s user experience.

Media Management

Simplify the management and organization of media files within your directory platform.

  1. User-friendly: Easily upload, store, organize, and delete images with a simple media file-uploading feature.
  2. Media Manager: Ensure logical arrangement and seamless incorporation of media files throughout the directory, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and user experience.

Efficiently manage and optimize media files for a clean and comprehensive media upload experience.

Finance Management

Stay up-to-date with seamless payment gateway integration.

  1. Managing Products: Easily monitor and manage financial data related to products. Define pricing plans and efficiently manage membership levels for better product portfolio management and strategic decision-making.
  2. Transaction History: Track and trace all financial transactions with comprehensive transaction history. Use search options to quickly find specific details, such as name, ID, plan selection, billing cycle, and more.
  3. Payment Gateway Integration: Manage financial transactions with popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Paytm, and more. Keep track of payment statuses, and successful/unsuccessful transactions, and reconcile funds, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

The finance section streamlines financial operations, empowering you to make informed decisions through effective product management, detailed transaction tracking, and seamless payment gateway connectivity.

Seamless Coupons and Deals

Effortlessly manage coupon codes and evaluate promotional success for data-driven decisions.

  1. Coupon Code Management: Easily generate codes, set active dates, and define discounts or usage limits.
  2. Data-driven Decisions: Evaluate coupon performance to enhance marketing efforts and attract and engage users.
  3. Boost Conversions: Offer exclusive deals and incentives through the directory platform to drive business growth.

Maximize the effectiveness of your promotions with easy coupon code management, data analysis, and increased user engagement.

Email Management for Enhanced Engagement

Efficiently manage email communications and engage stakeholders with ease.

  1. View Contact: Access and organize contact lists for easy recipient data management.
  2. Compose Email: Streamline communication by directly drafting and sending emails from the admin dashboard.

Enhance engagement and facilitate productive conversations with directory users, advertisers, and stakeholders through effective email management.

Toolbox for an Engaging Directory Experience

Efficiently manage menus and forms to optimize the directory’s look and feel.

  1. Menu Manager: Take full control of the footer, header, and sidebar navigation menus. Customize menu items, create dynamic links, and enable/disable menu items as needed.
  2. Form Manager: Easily design and customize forms tailored to specific needs.

Empower administrators to enhance the directory platform and boost user engagement with these integrated toolbox features.

Tailored Directory Customization with Simple Settings

Customize your directory to meet your unique requirements and create an appealing interface.

  1. General Settings: Customize forms and define default actions for personalized directory functionality.
  2. Design Settings: Customize the directory’s appearance, including the homepage layout, slideshow, and banner ads.
  3. Domain Manager: Efficiently manage multiple domains within the directory platform.

Take control of your directory’s customization, design, and domain management with easy-to-use settings for a seamless user experience.

Wide Range of Customizable Themes for Your Website

Choose from over 30 unique themes designed to meet your business needs and drive engagement.

Themes include:

  • Cars and Automobiles Directory: Connect buyers and sellers in the automobile industry.
  • Business Directory: Showcase listings and connect businesses with their target audience.
  • Local City Directories: Support local businesses and enterprises.
  • Property Listing Directory: Transform real estate communication and promotion.
  • Classified Directory: Enable companies to connect and advertise their goods.
  • Deals and Coupons Directory: Drive business growth with exclusive discounts and offers.
  • e-Commerce Directory: Establish an online presence and showcase products.
  • Event Listing Directory: Promote and find events in one comprehensive platform.
  • Tour and Travel Directory: Connect travelers and tour operators.
  • Wedding and Party Directory: Connect with vendors and professionals for extraordinary events.
  • Job Directory: Provide a seamless platform for recruitment success.
  • Restaurant Directory: Bring together food lovers and exceptional dining experiences.
  • Spa & Beauty Theme: Connect spas, salons, and beauty experts for wellness services.
  • Sports Directory: Create a vibrant sports community with facilities and enthusiasts.
  • Religious Directory: Foster community involvement and spiritual connections.
  • Blog Directory: Connect creativity and customize changes as needed.
  • Education Directory: Enhance easy listing of institutions for better search.
  • Fitness Directory: Customize and analyze data for fitness services.
  • Healthcare and Hospitality Directory: Elevate healthcare and hospitality services.
  • Hotel and Resort Directory: Provide intuitive options for hotel directories.
  • Law Directory: Spotless and modern design for lawyers and legal professionals.
  • Music Directory: Showcase artists, events, and concerts.
  • Photography Directory: Exhibit stunning images and bring moments to life.
  • Political Directory: Promote political activity and campaigns.

Choose a theme that suits your needs and customize your website for a captivating online presence.

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Content Management System

Effortlessly manage websites, posts, and media files. Create engaging web pages and easily organize and publish compelling content.

Payment Gateway

Get a versatile payment gateway solution with international and domestic options, along with customizable email templates. Efficiently manage users and leverage AI-based lead management for enhanced revenue generation.

Feature List

Unlock the potential of your business with our state-of-the-art features including member management, content management, media manager, AI-based lead generation, finance management, coupons and deals, and more. Optimize your directory website for seamless and efficient operations.

Product Roadmap:

We are bringing many more features like acceptance of Bitcoin and many such currencies and local currencies to ease off the payment from the client side and running…

Deal Terms:

  • Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime Hosting
  • Future upgrades are free
  • Basic all features included for the Enterprise License
  • Redeem your code within 60 days of purchase
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee (For Non-Prime Members/Regular users)
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee (For DealMirror Prime Members Only)

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