Boostramp : AI-Based SEO Co-Pilot (Tier 3)

Boostramp : AI-Based SEO Co-Pilot

Boostramp Lifetime Deal

Are you struggling to navigate the complex world of SEO, drowning in a sea of data and metrics that don’t translate into real results for your website?

In today’s digital landscape, understanding and optimizing your website’s SEO is essential for success.

However, the sheer volume of data and the complexity of SEO strategies can overwhelm even the most seasoned professionals.

You need a solution that doesn’t just provide data but deciphers it into actionable insights.

Meet Boostramp Lifetime Deal

Boostramp aggregates SEO data from dozens of leading sources such as Ahrefs, Google Search Console and Analytics, and SEMrush.

With Boostramp You Can Do

1. SEO Consulting Services
2. Content Creation and Optimization
3. SEO Workshops and Training
4. SEO Reporting Services
5. Keyword Research Services
6. Website Auditing Services
7. Backlink Building Services
8. Content Writing Marketplace
9. White Label SEO Services
10. Freelance SEO Work

Overview Video

It identified the common pain point in SEO – the gap between data and results.

Boostramp aggregates SEO data from an array of leading sources and takes it a step further by analyzing and deciphering this information into actionable suggestions and steps to skyrocket your search engine rankings.

Boostramp doesn’t just show you SEO metrics – it analyzes them for you, just like a dedicated SEO expert.

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Get simple, easy-to-understand recommendations, so even non-tech can improve their website’s search engine rankings without any prior knowledge or understanding of SEO.

Say goodbye to confusing jargon and complicated SEO tactics – our platform makes it simple to boost your website’s SEO and attract more traffic and sales to your site or online store.

Website Monitoring

Real-Time Website Monitoring to reduce the risk of losing Google positions and traffic.

Fix Website Technical Issues
Identify and resolve technical issues that may be affecting your website’s performance.

How-to Fix Guides
Step-by-step instructions to help you fix technical issues on your website.

Alerts & Reports
Receive notifications and reports about important updates and changes on your website.

Real-Time Website Monitoring
Website monitoring for technical issues with detailed guides on how to fix errors.

Website crawling and SEO audit
Automatic website crawler for technical and SEO issues.

Keyword Rank Tracking And New Keyword Recommendations

Monitor your website rankings, visibility, and indexation over time and get suggestions on how to improve them.

Track Keywords Rankings
Monitor your website’s search engine rankings for specific keywords and phrases.

Keywords Search Volume
One of the key metrics to rely on to do the most effective and quality keyword research.

SERP snapshots
Get the whole SERPs of one or multiple keywords to view and analyze them on the same screen.

New Keywords Recommendations
Get personalized recommendations for new keywords that will engage your audience.

Classic keywords research tool
Get a list of keyword suggestions to target in your SEO and PPC campaigns with our keyword tool.

AI-based keywords suggestions
Identify new keyword opportunities for growth and improvement for your website ranking.

Backlinks And Link-Building

Monitor if backlinks to your website are live, review your competitor’s backlink profile, and find new link-building opportunities.

Backlinks monitoring
Monitor if backlinks to your website are live, and keep track of backlinks’ changes around the clock to avoid losing any valuable links.

Backlink Checker
Automatically check & track inbound links and analyze how they impact rankings.

Backlinks Opportunities
See your competitors’ full backlink profiles, find hidden backlink opportunities, or discover completely new links by researching other websites.

Competitors Monitoring

Get new keyword ideas, analyze your competitors ranking, marketing, and link-building strategy.

Competitors Monitoring
Track your competitor’s online activity and performance to gain insights and improve your own strategy.

Research and Content Optimization
Improve your website’s search engine visibility through AI-based competitor research.

Competitor backlinks analysis tool
Perform a competitor link analysis, Identify competitor SEO strategies, and replicate what is working for them.

Use Cases

• Website Optimization
• Keyword Research and Tracking
• Backlink Analysis
• Competitor Analysis
• Content Optimization
• Alerts and Reporting
• New Keyword Opportunities
• Link-Building Strategies

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• Lifetime Access
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60 Days Money Back Guarantee (For DealMirror Prime Members Only)

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