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How this Turbo Cash Tracker is useful:

    • It shows exact click counts & Locations.
    • Discover New Traffic Sources.
    • Gives Instant Results.
    • Accurate and real-time tracking.
    • And much more…

Turbo Cash Tracker produce short links and consolidated with Powerful Real-Time Analytics.

The Turbo Cash Tracker ‏ is committed to showcasing Agencies Affiliates, Publishers, and Advertisers. This effective in with no reservations one module permits you to promptly enhance your web advertising activities.

The Turbo Cash Tracker ‏ is committed to showcasing Agencies,  Affiliates, Publishers, and Advertisers. This effective in with no reservations one module permits you to promptly enhance your web advertising activities.

You can get the most out of your online and social marketing efforts. Analyze your marketing and promotion campaigns to better understands your customer behaviors and how all of your marketing efforts contribute to the overall success and use these insights stats to improve your campaign and customers experience.

Grab this amazing tool at low price now and track what your audience is engaging with and adjust your strategies accordingly.





– Produce short links like
– Give counts of unique visitors.
– Give counts of clicks.
– Giving filtering options Statistics by the browser, OS, country, city,  date (day, week, month, custom).


Key Features:


  • Produce short links using your own domain name.
  • Track significant bits of knowledge into your site’s guests including the quantity of extraordinary and non-exceptional guests; human or robots; country; town; IP address;
  • Track the number and estimation of transformations that were lead by your WP blog: opt-ins, purchase, subscriptions, downloads, etc…
  • Track vital insights about movement sources: referrer, catchphrases, parameters.
  • Secure your affiliate code with advanced cloaking.
  • Monitor your links and secure them from click fraud actions, 400 and 500 server errors, and blacklists.
  • Suggest 404 errors, page not found, and redirect your “lost” visitors to a customizable landing page.
  • Shorter links make sharing significantly easier



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