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Audiencefy Customer Segmentation & Ecommerce Analytics App Agency Plan

Audiencefy Lifetime Deal

Targeting Right Audience and Managing Data with Audiencefy Lifetime Deal

As an eCommerce client, you regularly face difficulties with conveying an omnichannel client experience and Competitor Analysis that can be difficult to alleviate since the client can reach through any number of touchpoints so it is critical to outfit your group with the correct innovation.

Focusing on the correct crowd and overseeing buy information has been troublesome consistently for a vendor and gets confused as well.

One such product in the tech business that we are going to discuss today is Audiencefy. This a simple to implement an AI-Based analytics application that offers Ecommerce Stores business knowledge to get noteworthy from advertising and importantly store information.

Audiencefy Lifetime Deal makes it simple.

Quick Overview

  • Attract and retain loyal customers.
  • Hyper-Targeted Email Marketing.
  • Facebook and Instagram Custom Audience.
  • Manage products more profitably.

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Audiencefy Lifetime Deal is the best eCommerce customer segmentation & analytics app on Ecommerce Stores to optimize your marketing campaigns and exponentially grow your eCommerce revenue.

Overview Video

Dashboard Overview

Audiencefy delivers business intelligence, alerts, and automation to help you generate more revenue, acquire loyal customers, optimize product strategy and drive profitability through it.

The data and insights every multichannel merchant needs to grow their business.

Audiencefy Lifetime Deal

1. Attract and retain loyal customers: Identify your most valuable, most loyal and VIP customers and develop targeted marketing strategies. Segment customers by LTV, AOV, number of purchases, total revenue and more. Push custom and prebuilt segments to your email platform automatically.

2. Hyper-Targeted Email Marketing: Use Audiencefy to Segment the customers into buckets and then send these segments directly to your email marketing platform. Whether you use Mailchimp, or Constant Contact, or Klaviyo, or an Inhouse solution audiencefy has you covered. We will segment your data and allow you to seamlessly transfer data to your preferred Email Platform.

3. Facebook and Instagram Custom Audience: Your existing customers are a gold mine. That’s where your revenue came from but bulk re-targeting will never work. Transfer your segmented audience directly to your FB custom Audience list from inside the dashboard and build lookalikes. Use Segment Analytics to see and run hyper-relevant ads to your audience and look-alikes.

4. Manage products more profitably: See your high volume, high margin, most profitable, and hot and cold products. Understand which products sell best across customer groups and channels. Restock and price products smarter with inventory analytics like sell-through rate, out of stock date and holding cost.

5. Segment Analytics: Each Segment that you create see detailed metrics for each segment and find out Revenue, Orders, Products Purchased and LTV of that segment. Use this data to identify and target and plan marketing activities accordingly.

6. Executive Summary: Audiencefy gives you a detailed daily executive summary direct in your Inbox for you to not worry about finding metrics like AOV, Revenue, Orders, or New or returning customers.


Gives you access to easily build insightful eCommerce reports focused on your most profitable product, sales channels, ad campaigns, and customer segments. Audiencefy has all the right tools you need to make your business grow.

Audiencefy Lifetime Deal

Choose from over 20+ audience segments that you can export to your favorite marketing channels. There are different criteria on which they are filtered such as Value Shoppers, High Paying Customers, Customers who ask for a refund, The ones who abandon their carts and make no purchase and Repeat Customers since past 12 months, Full Price Customers, High/Low-Value Order Customers, Recent Purchasers, Active/Lost Customers and many more.
The detailed segmented data help you take further triggered actions on such customers sending them browser notifications or emails.

Audiencefy Lifetime Deal

Use the pre-filtering feature of Audiencefy to get granular with the targeting. Use metrics like average AOV, Customer LTV, revenue generated and much more.

Export your segmented audiences with just a click of a button. Seamless integration of CSV with your marketing platform like Mailchimp, Facebook Messenger, Zapier, etc helps to create customer segmented lists within seconds.

Customized targeted marketing campaigns can generate as much as a 760 percent increase in revenue. Audiencefy custom segmentation function allows you to know endless ways of increasing revenue.

Personalized targeted email can generate as much as a lift in revenue over email campaigns. Customer segmentation includes more than 15 unique segments that can be exported and uploaded accordingly into your preferred email marketing platform. For each segment, carefully look for the insights including LTV, Revenue, AOV, and the most commonly purchased product.

Audiencefy Lifetime Deal automatically calculates customer lifetime value, repeat customer rate, and several other customer-centric KPIs delivering insights that help you understand and optimize purchase behavior. Discover which channels and campaigns generate the highest customer lifetime value and have the lowest customer acquisition cost. Receive and act on valuable insights regarding customer purchase behavior, lifetime value, and more. Also, Optimize your marketing spend with advanced customer analytics at multiple levels for profitability.

Directly send your segmented audience into your Facebook ads account to create custom and lookalike audiences. Create high converting ads with just a click of a button.

Audiencefy’s flexible data layout and open API helps you to create powerful integrations with any enterprise system. Integrations connect and support all the data you use to run your brand.
You can explore hundreds of Audiencefy’s Integrations to speed up your workflow or create customized integrations with SDKs / API developers.
Add on platforms like Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Magento, Facebook Messenger, Zapier, and many more.

Why you choose Audiencefy Lifetime Deal?

We’re all about data and the proof is in the numbers. We’ve helped thousands of merchants become more profitable by giving them access to the data and insights they need to drive growth.

We’re on a mission to create the best multichannel analytics platform on the planet, and we’re constantly adding new features and integrations to make it even better.

Amplify Customer Personalization With Pre Defined Segments

Audiencefy Lifetime Deal

Power Your Email Marketing With Highly Customizable Segments

Audiencefy Lifetime Deal

Get Super Granular With Segmentation

Customer Behaviour Analysis

Limited Time Offer Only at $299

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  • Ecommerce Stores
  • Data Analysed
  • Integrations
  • SKU level data
  • Executive Summary
  • Predefined Segments
  • Segment Analytics
  • Product analytics based on your segmentation
  • Export to Email Platform like Mailchimp, Klaviyo

Deal Terms:

  • Redemption Deadline of coupon code: One Year from purchase.
  • Length of access: Lifetime
  • Lifetime updates and support FREE
  • Web-Based software

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