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Every small business, blogger, e-commerce owner, SaaS owner wants to increase conversions. Social proof can help increase sales and conversions almost immediately.

Happy to introduce you Apprised.
Apprised helps in increasing sales, leads, conversions and engagement on your website.
Apprised helps you create social proof on your website with simple installation, but Apprised is much more than a social proof platform.
It can be installed on any website in 5 minutes with ease. You just have to copy a single line of code and paste it in the head section of your website (Just like you do with Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel).
It can also be installed with Google Tag Manager.
Along with social proof notifications Apprised supports many other notifications to help you increase engagement on your website.

Quick Overview-

  • Build your email list by collecting emails from your visitors.
  • Shows a number of active visitors in a certain amount of time.
  • It helps to increase your sales and conversions.
  • Best for Small business, Online shopping, e-commerce owner.

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Apprised Brings you to Build trust, create urgency and boost your conversions by 10% in 10 minutes. Show visitors what is going on on your website.

How Apprised Works

It’s super easy to get started with ProveSource, as easy as adding the Facebook Pixel to your website.


How You Choose Your Notifications


Apprised has 13 notifications as of now (We are continuously adding more features and notifications). Details of these 13 notifications are given below.


Informational Notification:

If you want to make an announcement on your website you can use the informational notification. You can use it to convey any message to your customers. It can be completely customized.
SaaS owners can use it to convey in-app messages to their customers’-commerce sites can use it to announce sale or offer.
Bloggers can use it to announce new posts or any other message.
It can be completely customized as per your needs. Colors can be customized to meet your brand needs.
Triggers help you to choose from the number of options like where should this message be shown, When should it appear, where should it appear and for how long it should keep showing.
You can choose the delay option to show a message after a specific time or scroll percentage option to show after user scrolls a certain percentage of the page or on exit intent.

Coupon Codes:

It is a well-known fact that coupon codes increase sales and leads. Apprised empowers you to give away coupons in a very easy and comfortable way. You can even get started in less than 5 minutes. Just create a Coupon Code notification customize it your needs set your URL and you are good to go.

Live Visitors:

This notification is used to create FOMO and urgency on your landing and sales pages. It shows the number of active visitors in a certain amount of time. Apprised pixel easily captures this data for you.
Like other notifications, this can also be customized to your needs. It is completely mobile responsive, so you can also show it on mobile devices.

Recent Activity:

Want to show your visitor that someone purchased your product? Or someone signed up for your SaaS product? Or someone signed up for your newsletter? Use Recent Activity notification.
This is one of the most important notification in Apprised as it actually helps increase your sales and conversions. It creates real social proof for your product or service and gives your visitors an extra push to signup.
There are two methods for data capture (For capturing recent activities in apprised)

  1. You install our pixel on the page with the form where conversion is supposed to happen, and our pixel will handle the rest. It will automatically try to get the customer’s name (We do not ready passwords).
  2. You use webhook to send us data about recent conversions on your app or in any other app like MailChimp. You can easily use our webhook with Mailchimp or any other app to send us Data about the latest conversions.

We are also introducing Shopify plugin, WooCommerce plugin, and Zapier integration so you can connect Apprised with the apps you love.

Conversion Counter:

Conversion counter-notification shows the total number of conversions in a specific period of time on your website or store.
It helps create a FOMO among customers and gives them an extra push to signup or purchase your product. It can be set up using a similar procedure as Recent Activity Notification.
It can also be set up with pixels and webhook.

Video Notification:

If you want to onboard your customers with a notification or announce a sale with a video on your e-commerce website, you can use Video Notification in Apprised. It can also be used to show a demo of your product to the visitors on your set triggers.
You can use a link to your YouTube video to show on the website. We are adding options for other platforms as well they are under development.

Email Opt-in:

Build your email list by collecting emails from your visitors. Apprised is much more than a social proof notification. You do not need to buy any extra plugin or subscription to collect emails from your customers (And we do not have any limits on the emails as well)
You can then export your collected emails or you can send this email data automatically to your CRM using webhook or Zapier webhook.
The possibilities are endless.

Count Down Email Opt-in:

You can create urgency on your websites and landing page with the help of Apprised’s Count Down Email Opt-in notification.
It is very easy to set up you just have to write your headline and subheading and set a time when your offer ends.
Data from this notification can also be exported or sent to the application of your choice through webhook.

Emoji Feedback:

Whether you run a blog, SaaS, e-commerce website or a small business, feedback is very important to improve your products and offerings.
With Apprised you can easily set up Emoji feedback in under two minutes.
Just choose from the triggers and other options and you are good to go. Complete stats and analytics are also available to analyze the notifications performance and your collected feedback.

Score Feedback:

Get feedback from your customers about your products and services. Ask your customers how much they would rate your product out of 5. This is very important to see where your product stands in the eye of your customer.
With Apprised there is no need to buy any subscription or extension, it is available to use on all plans. Analytics and statistics help you understand whether you need to improve your product or customers are happy with your product.

Collect Phone Numbers:

Collect phone numbers from your customers to provide them support or book more meetings.
Sometimes your customers or visitors may want to talk to you in person to ask for support or for asking questions to understand your products and services better.
Give them the option to leave their phone number so you can call them back and increase your customer experience.
Data from this notification can also be exported or sent to your CRM or other applications through webhook.


Build immediate trust and credibility among your visitors by showing them a review from your customers. We are adding a feature to integrate Google and Facebook reviews and also reviews from some other websites.
You can customize this notification to your needs and set triggers when you want to show it. Reviews from real customers can give your customers an extra push to signup.

Cookie Notifications:

Inform your customers and visitors about your Privacy and Cookie policy with cookies notification. You can also use this notification whenever you update your policy.

Why You Choose Apprised App


Live Visitor Notification:
Show the total number of people visiting your website or sales page to create FOMO in customers.
Announcement Notification:
Announce a sale or discount with an informational notification widget.
Give Away Coupon Codes:
Increase your sales by giving discount coupons to your customers.
Collect Emails:
Grow your email list by collecting emails from your visitors with a single line of code.
Show Latest Conversions:
Show the latest conversions on your website to create social proof and FOMO.
Conversion Counter:
Show total number of signups or sales in a specific time to increase conversions
Social Share:
Increase your social traffic by encouraging people to share your content on social media.
Video Notifications:
Onboard your customers with video notifications or show a demo of the product with video notification.
Show reviews from your customers about your product or website to increase trust and credibility.
Emoji Feedback:
Collect emoji feedback from your customers and website visitors about your product or blog.
Cookie Notification:
Notify your customers about your company’s privacy and cookie policy in an easy way.
NPS Survey:
Collect score feedback from your visitors and customers about your product to improve user experience.
Urgency Widget:
Create urgency on your website with count down timer to collect more leads
Contact Me Widget:
Collect Phone numbers from your customers and visitor to provide support and answer their questions.

Apprised Integrations


Limited Time Offer Only at $58

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Hurry Up !! Grab this Lifetime Deal


  • Unlimited Campaigns.
  • Custom Branding.
  • Access to all notifications.
  • 100000 Unique Visitors/ Month.
  • Unlimited Sites.
  • Powerful Analytics.
  • Integrations.

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