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Answerly FacePop Lifetime Deal : Upload video & face audience

Quick Overview

Upload a video and face your audience!

Alternative to VideoAsk, vidpopup, and etc.

Get a link directly playing your FacePop video.

Best for Bloggers, SaaS, and Small businesses.

Answerly FacePop Lifetime Deal

Schedule a meeting, ask for a review, or share the latest update, all with the most trusting element about your business, your face.

Meet Answerly FacePop Lifetime Deal

A widget for your website that you can use to get personal with your customer.

Simply upload your video, set up a call to action, customize the widget’s looks to your heart’s content, and let Facepop do the rest.

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Deal Terms:

Each Additional Code = Additional 1TB/month of traffic.


What you get in this deal

  • 1 TB traffic/month
  • Call-to-action feature
  • Unlimited FacePops
  • API & SDK access

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Answerly FacePop LTD


$49 LTD


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions:- How to redeem a Code?
Questions:- Does Answerly FacePop Lifetime Deal provide support?

–Answerly FacePop Lifetime Deal Offers Customer support at

Questions:- Does Answerly FacePop have knowledge base, docs or helpdesk lifetime deal?
Questions:- Can I get an invoice for my subscription under my company name?

-Yes, you can. Just send us an email at and we will take care of this.

12 reviews for Answerly FacePop Lifetime Deal : Upload video & face audience

  1. Avatar

    Andres Sanchez

    Hello. I have a few questions:
    1. This can be an agency solution? I want to have my clients and they can be able to login to edit and see statistics.
    2. The UI is multilanguage? If not, do you have plans to do it?
    3. The only CTA is a button? do you have embeddable forms?
    4. Can we host the videos on an external platform?

    • Avatar


      Hi Andres Sanchez thanks for asking!
      1) You can use FacePop for your agency and invite colleagues to collab in your Answerly workspace.
      2) The UI is in English for now, but we will support multiple languages if we have more requests.
      3) Currently, the CTA is only a button. We might consider other formats in the future. We’re currently accepting feedback.
      4) There’s no setting for it, but unofficially if you provide us with an HLS format, we will be able to make it work for you.

  2. Avatar

    Nilayan Ghosh

    A quick video is a great way to build a personal connection with a website visitor, be it to ask for a review or just do a little intro. For example, you’re selling accessories, and you want your customers to share the word. Ask for it with a video CTA. Or your client is a psychiatrist who wants to tell visitors it’s okay to have mental health issues and absolutely fine to talk about it. Use cases are simple for this little tool. You just need to make sure you implement it the right way so that it doesn’t look intrusive.

  3. Avatar

    CodyLab Noure

    Excellent tool and excellent user experience 🤩😍
    I will only use this tool on my landing pages for lead generation.

  4. Avatar

    Adjei Ohemeng

    This FacePop could be a 💎 easily, which is my definition of relevant-now 😅😅
    So here’s my use case: I will use it to diffuse likely prospects’ objections on sales/landing pages.
    First, instead of lengthy landing page write-ups or long VSLs which are typically long and nobody likes to read or watch the whole thing for which reason prospects may just skip to the pricing, and then exit because they missed/skipped parts of the lengthy copy that would have influenced their buying decision, I will create shorter punchier landing write-ups, then set up FacePop to deliver a delayed preemptive objections rebuttals.
    Next, I will add CTAs on the FacePop videos for either buy now or take a quiz to see if the offer will satisfy their needs.
    That kind of interactivity increases interest and conversion… 🤩

  5. Avatar

    Heidi Lootsma

    It looks like the perfect tool I need to build more personal relationships with my clients right from the beginning. So nice to see such a quality customizable product.

  6. Avatar

    Nicc Samten WaiShan

    I’m using this for my upcoming project, which is another government agency project, some guys have been asking us about the tools we use for our sites 😁 so we share plenty of affiliate links, we want to use this as a landing page to speak to the users in multiple languages and just share the Facepop link directly to them, once they click they will see us speaking to them, it is always nice and cute to see a video from an acquaintance and we are that person 😁

  7. Avatar

    Don Chew

    I’m using Facepop to show up on landing pages which helps me clear some uncertainties for specific products.

  8. Avatar

    Jel Johnson

    I love to use this as a way to promote my services on my website. Like a mini informational video where someone goes to my coaching page, instead of reading all the sales copy. They can watch my 1 min video with a call to action to apply it.

  9. Avatar

    Andy Lim

    Facepop can help with improved opt-in for niche bloggers. Visitors are so used to seeing opt-in forms but not something like FacePop.

  10. Avatar

    Maki Zenal Mutaqin

    This is what I need. Vertical Video engagement will be shifting from copywriting text type. I like your smooth video player. Is like your backend with a pricy CDN.

  11. Avatar

    Abdullah Khan

    When I create a FacePop widget inside the Answerly Dashboard, I will also get a link directly playing your facepop video. That’s amazing!

  12. Avatar

    Richenel Van ‘t Kruys

    This is a powerful tool. 🤩 This is very useful for any person who wants to convert traffic into leads and customers. I would use it to guide my visitors through every stage of the funnel.

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