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Answerly Banner Lifetime Deal

Banner is a widget you can install anywhere on your website, and deliver quick and essential updates about your visitor or your business.

But that’s not all.

Banner Widget comes with limitless visual configurations.

Don’t just guess if the widget is effective!

You can go to the reports section in the dashboard and see how each of your banner widgets is performing.

Introducing Answerly Banner Lifetime Deal

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Create multiple banner widgets, target visitors with our no-brainer targeting system, and use dynamic variables to greet customers by their name or show a vital piece of information, such as their order status.


Overview Images

Personalize In Your Own Image

Use Your Imagination Try Color Studio

The Best Fonts At Your Fingertips

Go Dynamic Use Variables

Help Better With Reports & Data


Product Dashboard Images

You can tailor the Banner Widget’s looks, including changing all visible colors, shadows, and fonts, so your visitors won’t even know it’s a third-party widget.

Feature Included:

  • Color Studio – Change any color of the banner
  • Font Studio – Change any font from up to 200 fonts
  • Rich Content – Add links, text styles & emojis to banner
  • Dynamic Content – Use customer’s names inside the banner
  • Layout options
  • Background Patterns
  • SDK
  • Create and edit banners with API access
  • Banner performance reports & data
  • Target visitors. Show a banner only to a certain type of website visitor
  • Many more features.
  • All future Banner updates to the highest paid version of the banner widget (Banner Widget Pro).

Plan Details:

  • Unlimited page views
  • Unlimited banner widgets

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