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Hey Guys, On this platform, I introduce of Advance Video marketing with Google+ The Best Advice, Tried-and-Tested.

So let’s start for first Video Marketing.


The video marketing is not complex. In fact, it’s rather simple: using video to promote or market your brand, product or service.

A strong marketing campaign incorporates video into the mix. Customer testimonials, videos from live events, how-to videos, explainer videos, corporate training videos, viral (entertainment) videos — the list goes on.

People love to watch internet videos on websites like YouTube.


The benefits of video marketing

    • Video is a gold mine for SEO.
    • Video will boost conversion rates.
    • Video is easily accessible.
    • Video is effective.
    • Video is emotional.

Learn Video Marketing Tips That Sell Products:

    • Be Up Front and Authentic.
    • Create Video Consistently.
    • Publish Product Demos.
    • Take Time To Answer Questions.
    • Involve The Viewer
    • Use Video To Build Your Contact List.
    • Run a Contest



Some testimonial of Video Marketing.

#1. “Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.” –

Robert Weiss, Use YouTube Video Marketing to Generate Leads, Awareness and Customers

#2. “Video marketing is, without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons I’ve been able to create multiple six-figure businesses online.” –

Katie Freiling, My 10 Most Powerful Video Marketing Tips


Key features of Online Video Marketing:

    • Provide education
    • Answer the questions
    • Review a product
    • Grow a list
    • Create video case studies
    • Narrate a story
    • Demystify the myths
    • Take viewers behind the scenes
    • Ask questions
    • Supplementary video opportunities


And Now……….

Do you use Google+ for your business?

Interested in ways to get more exposure?

With a few simple tactics, you can extend your reach on Google+ and attract additional followers.


Google Plus Marketing is great for businesses! This guide will help you build a community, improve engagement and achieve better results …

Google+ is quickly becoming an essential part of any business’s social media strategy. It boasts a cool 250 million users! And this number is sure to grow very quickly as Google is making a Google+ account mandatory for all Gmail users. It’s an audience-marketer cannot ignore.

With over 190 million active users, and 70% of all users logging into Google Plus daily, Google Plus is a social network you can’t ignore. Sure, it isn’t as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but it can help impact your search engine rankings in a positive way.

A few simple ways you can leverage Google Plus are:

    • Authorship – this is a great way to get your picture next to your listings in the search results.
    • Relationship marketing – with Google hangouts, you can connect to and get to know your fans.
    • Driving traffic – by building up your Google Plus profile, you can share content and news about your business. This is a simple way to drive more traffic to your business.

How to make money with Google Plus:

    • Grow Your Mailing List.
    • Marketing your products or website over G+.
    • Generating Backlinks which would help you to get your desired traffic.
    • Increase Affiliate Products Sales
    • Google+ Local Business.
    • Make Blog about Google+ on hot & current topics and earn passive income with that.
    • Join Communities.

See the key features of Google+ Marketing:

    • Comprehensive product integration
    • +1 lets people ‘like’ your Google+ page
    • Google+ circles
    • Google Authorship
    • Hangouts
    • Communities
    • Events
    • Insights
    • Google My Business

These are just the basics of how you can use Google Plus to your advantage. To expand on the idea, I’ve decided to create an infographic that lays out the steps you need to take to use Google’s social network for your marketing needs.

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