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Are you an Indie Maker? Content Creator? Freelancer?

Meet 7todos Lifetime Deal, and get an overview of all your tasks across workspaces at once. And with intelligent filters, you can switch between different workspaces and tasks.

You can also add tags to your tasks, which makes searching a lot easier.

It offers a feature to share workspaces with others, so you can work on tasks with your team or partner. You can simply share your space with them.

If you like to be organized and on top of everything, you can use it as a powerful task manager, work as a team, and connect it with Zapier to automate your workflow. automatically create tasks based on Github, Jira, Google Calendar, and more!

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I’m sure you can relate to this…

With your classical task board, you keep switching workspaces back and forth. But you never seem to make progress on any of them.

7Todos is a task board created for makers…

Get an overview of all your tasks across projects and workspaces at once. Move between your different projects without losing focus.


A lite demo of what your workspaces could look like.


  • Overview of all workspaces and their tasks.
  • Switch between different views.
  • Connect 7Todos with 1000s of other tools with Zapier or Integrately.
  • Shared spaces to work with others.

7 Todos Is Made For You If You

  1. Work on multiple projects—we all do. Our daily lives, family, work, habits, housework, and side projects.
  2. I hate Jira because it feels overwhelming and is too slow. And because it is Jira,.
  3. Want daily reminders so you don’t miss out on important tasks?
  4. Love Analytics: Get insights into your daily streaks and how much time you have spent per task and workspace.
  5. Like a Browser Extension: Want to quickly add a new task and stay in your browser with the Chrome Extension?
  6. Must Share Workspaces: You need to work together with your partner, co-founder, or teammates on different tasks.
  7. You need a daily planner to filter out the noise and get through your day.

Connect To Automate

Indie makers already have 100+ tasks to manage. Automate as much as you can! Use Zapier or Integrate and connect your favorite tools to 7Todos. Make your life easier.

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