2ndNumber Lifetime Deal : Don't Give Out Your Private Number

2nd Number Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

Get a second phone number and keep your other number hidden.

Alternative of :- Hushed, Burner, Sideline and others.

Call and text via the web or app, No SIM card.

Best For :- Home, Office, WhatsApp, Facebook, Anonymous SMS, Expats, eBay, Privacy, Banking, Overseas Use, Free Roaming, TikTok, Instagram, Crypto Exchanges and Dating.

2ndNumber Lifetime Deal

Need a non-disposable 2nd Number?

When did you need not share your 1st number?

You can make a call and in just a few taps with a 2nd Phone number.

Meet 2ndNumber Lifetime Deal

You can choose a custom phone number to make phone calls and send messages using the Second phone number.

2ndNumber phone separates your professional and personal communications and enables you to personalize your number to reflect your own brand.


2nd Number: Introduction Video


How It Works

Working Video


A 2nd Phone Number For Business or Privacy is Cloud-Based.


Dashboard Overview



Dial Number

Import Google Contacts

Chatting with Friends

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The UK or USA mobile cell phone number is ready to use instantly.

Without needing a SIM card. Have two numbers on one phone.

Completely web-based so you can receive texts & calls anywhere – whilst keeping your real number hidden.

Main Features

Enjoy the UK or USA number even if you don’t live there.

It’s cloud-based so you can access your texts or make calls over WiFi or data using a smartphone or laptop.

Why use it?:

  • For work/life balance:- A separate number to keep work/pleasure separate.
  • For privacy:-  If you don’t want to give out your main mobile number to business connections.
  • For traveling:- Travel abroad and make/receive calls with no roaming charges, you just need WiFi or data.
  • For personal use:- For creating a second WhatsApp/Instagram or social media account or for signing up to dating websites. Receive confirmation texts easily.

Bundled with features such as voicemail, call forwarding, and text forwarding (so you can receive 2ndNumber texts on your real phone number).

  1. Everything is done online – no fiddly SIM cards.
  2. Make calls and SMS via the web or the 2ndNumber app.
  3. Send and receive calls and texts from multiple devices – at the same time.
  4. Use it abroad and wave goodbye to roaming charges.
  5. No contract and minimal ID required – just a single rolling monthly payment.
  6. For the nerds amongst you – build a Telegram chatbot for your website using your 2ndNumber.

Vendor Testimonial

“Our greatest asset is the customer! Treat each customer as if they are one of us!”


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Plan Details

  • USA number of your choice
  • 210 credits per month
  • Free to receive calls & SMS
  • Use on multiple devices
  • Stack 3 deals (1 number = 1 account)


Check out upcoming features here.

Deal Terms:

  • Length of access: Lifetime.
  • Redemption deadline: 60 days from purchase
  • 60-days money-back guarantee.


What you get in this deal

  • USA number of your choice
  • 210 credits per month
  • Free to receive calls & SMS
  • Use on multiple devices
  • Stack 3 deals (1 number = 1 account)
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Hurry! Only 137 Licence are left

US Number Yearly Plan

Tier 1



60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

US Number Lifetime Plan

Tier 2

$39.99 LTD


60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

US Number Lifetime Plus Plan

Tier 3

$69.99 LTD


60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

UK Number Yearly Plan

Tier 4



60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

UK Number Lifetime Plan

Tier 5

$44.99 LTD


60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

UK Number Lifetime Plus Plan

Tier 6

$79.99 LTD


60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions:- How to redeem codes?
Questions:- Does 2nd Number Lifetime Deal provide support?

Yes, 2nd Number Lifetime Deal offer support Via [email protected] 

Questions:- Can I use the number to verify my favourite apps and services?

Yes, the numbers are enabled for verification use.


Recent legislation in the US has put strict criteria in place for VoIP based numbers, but ours are compliant with this legislation.

Questions:- What if it doesn't work?

We understand you might have tried our competitors and found your number didn’t work with the apps you wanted.


Should this happen with your 2ndNumber, just let us know and we’ll swap it over for a different number, no questions asked.


It’s worth pointing out that UK numbers do not have such strict legislation. 2ndNumber also offer deals on UK numbers.

Questions:- What happens if I don't use my number?

The number must be used to make/receive a call or SMS message at least once every six months.


If it isn’t used during that time, the number will be decommissioned, so it’s important to keep it active.


We will email you when the time comes in case you forget!

Questions:- What if I need more credits?

You can purchase more credits from your account via the “Profile” link.


You can pay with PayPal. Pricing is at our website www.2ndnumber.tel

Questions:- Can I call other countries?

You can call anywhere in the world.


Do be sure to check out the credits used per minute for your chosen destination.


Some countries are more expensive to call than others and will eat into your credits more quickly.

Questions:- Do you supply other country codes?

Currently we support US and UK numbers, but we are aiming to provide : Australia, Brazil and several others in the coming months.


These too can be used for SMS verification.

Questions:- Can I use my 2ndNumber with my favourite VoIP app?

–Yes, you can configure your favourite VoIP app to work with 2ndNumber and make and receive calls through it at no extra cost.


You will need to email us separately to get the credentials to use in the app at [email protected]

Questions:- Does it use credit to forward a call to my cell/mobile/landline phone?

Yes, forwarding calls will use up credit.


If you have the 2ndNumber app installed, you can receive calls on that directly at no cost, but if you divert all inbound calls to a mobile number, you will be using credits at the rate per minute for that destination.

In any case, you can just let voicemail kick in, and this is free of charge too.

Questions:- Can I move my existing number into 2ndNumber?

-Yes, you can “port” your number into 2ndNumber no problem at all.


Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll guide you through the process.


In essence if it is a UK mobile number, we will need the PAC code, if it is a US number we will need the PIN code.


Both are only available by asking your current service provider.

Questions:- Can I move my 2ndNumber to another provider?

Yes, the numbers are fully “portable” to another provider should you need to.


But if there any reasons for you to move, do let us know what they are and we’ll see what we can do to keep you with 2ndNumber!

Questions:- How is it different to Google Voice?

-Aside from price (2ndNumber being cheaper), we’re aiming to bring some features to the table that Voice doesn’t have (check our roadmap on the website for details).


Right now with 2ndNumber you can:


  • Receive SMS on multiple devices simultanously – and reply.


  • Same for calling, will work across multiple devices.


  • Added chat-bot functionality / auto reply to SMS.


  • Adding call routing features for inbound callers (part of the roadmap for business users)


  • Available globally – Voice is restricted in certain regions to certain customers (personal Google customers for example, for business use you need a Google Workspace subscription)
Questions:- What is a lifetime deal?

-As per our agreement with the vendor, once you redeem your code then you’ll get lifetime access to the tool.

(Lifetime means – Lifetime of the product).


We do our level best to provide you the latest deals at an affordable price but as a third party, we can’t control what happens on the vendor’s side.


In a few cases, our partners get acquired or stop their services and in such unfortunate situations where the product does not last long, there is not much DealMirror can do about it.


So, it’s suggested to check the tool thoroughly once you redeem your code and if you are fully satisfied with the tool then keep it otherwise you have 60 days for refund.

Questions:- Can I get an invoice for my subscription under my company name?

-Yes, you can. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will take care of this.

23 reviews for 2ndNumber Lifetime Deal : Don’t Give Out Your Private Number

  1. Dan

    2ndnumber is a solid way to get… a second number :) Jokes aside, it’s super simple and effective for calling and SMS via the web without the need for a sim.

  2. Dave

    When i discover this service i didn’t really pay attention to how useful it is! is really nice to have an online number, you can register to a not-trusted service that requests a phone number, send SMS and also receive calls, just online!

  3. James

    VERY HAPPY so far, highly recommend: a few of my use cases: PayPal, Gmail, etc, OK. Am very picky about cs, when compared to Hushed’s email ticketing system (which I was preparing to buy ), Stuart was on top of all issues I had.

  4. Anthony

    2ndNumber has been a valuable asset to our operations by allowing us the ability to manage our communications in the cloud. We are no longer bound by physical phones or SIMs. This allows seamless access anytime, anywhere.

  5. Wai

    This is my first VOIP service, and I am very impressed. Issues I found were fixed very quickly and support is very responsive. I am already considering getting another number with 2ndNumber.

  6. sormick

    Don’t miss this very great deal!
    You don’t need to have a sim card.
    You can even phone outside US or UK. This is what i love !
    no even need for a phone to make calls
    private phone number you don’t need to give your real phone.
    don’t miss this opportunity! Grab it now!

  7. Aditya Sharma

    No Australian numbers?

    • Admin

      Not yet, but definitely in the pipeline, we have been able to build the product around them, just a question of dedicating a deal to them, which will look to do in the coming weeks…

  8. Naz Haque

    Can I have a US & UK number via your app on the same mobile device? And how do the credits work?

    • Admin

      Hi Naz, yes you can – you can stack up to 3 deals, so you could have 3 numbers, install the app then have 4 numbers on one device (one being the actual SIM card of the device, the other 3 being accounts you’ve added to the 2ndNumber app). Credits are deducted as you go – http://www.2ndnumber.tel – scroll down to pricing to see the credit structure…

  9. Michael Banks

    Is it possible to see which area codes are available?

  10. Shaun Judge

    No iOS?

  11. Fahim Rana

    SMS verification allowed?

    • Admin

      Yes, it is, if you are doing it with a lot of apps, we recommend using a UK number to do this, as the FCC STIR/SHAKEN regulations are pretty tight these days. But yes, the numbers work for verification is the short answer! 🙂

  12. Daniel Fawcett

    Is UK mobile only or landline available?

    • Admin

      Yes, we can supply a UK landline too. The pricing remains the same and of course, there is no SMS on a UK landline, but if you purchase the UK deal, send me a PM with the voucher code and the UK area code you want, and we’ll create the account. Also keep in mind you can move (aka port) any UK number over to us, if you happen to have a number you want to keep.

  13. Huzaifa Farrukh

    What’re the exact limits of “210 credits per month”?

  14. Praful Thakkar

    And use on the same mobile phone?

    • Admin

      Yes, you can have two numbers on the same phone. eg. install the app and receive calls on it over 4G/WiFi as we as receiving your regular cell phone calls via the SIM card. The same goes for SMS, you can set up notifications so you get a notification when an SMS comes in and also have it emailed to you. 👍

  15. Naz Haque

    If I choose a US number but I’m in the UK, can I receive calls /SMS?

    • Admin

      Yes, it doesn’t matter where you are based, as long as you have an internet connection it will work. So a US number when you’re in the UK or a UK number when you’re in the US is no problem. You don’t have to be a resident of the respective country either.

  16. Ahmed

    Is it legal to use in India?

    • Admin

      Always check your local legislation, but there is no known reason why you cannot use these numbers in India. Do note, that some service providers eg. banks etc, will insist on a local number for setting up bank accounts and suchlike.

  17. Ahmed

    Some questions regarding code stacking:
    1. What does it mean Stack 3 deals (1 number = 1 account)
    2. Suppose I purchase 3 stacks, can I use 3 numbers in 1 account or do I need to purchase using 3 different email IDS?
    3. Can I use 3 numbers from 1 account?
    4. Do I need to purchase from 3 email accounts if need to stack 3 codes?

    • Admin

      Ahmed, here you go…

      1. It means 1 customer can avail of 3 deals in a total of the 2ndNumber DealMirror offer.

      2. You will first need to purchase 3 codes and choose the number for each code accordingly (you can use the same email ID). Then when you’re done, you can log in to any one of these three accounts and use the “Link Account” feature under “Profile” to join them together. You can then log in to any one of these accounts and you’ll see a drop-down at the top of the page allowing you to switch between numbers instantly without logging back in.

      3. You can link all 3 accounts if you purchase 3 deals under the “Profile” icon of your dashboard – scroll down to the “Link Account” feature and follow the on-screen instructions.

      4. You can use the same email ID for 3 deals. There is no need to have 3 separate email IDs.

  18. Wendy Le

    Free to receive calls & SMS does it mean anyone from any part of the world can call me on these numbers and I will not be charged for incoming calls and SMS.

    • Admin

      Correct – There is no inbound charge to your 2ndNumber numbers. Of course, the person calling you will need to check they are able to call US/UK numbers and they will be charged at their local provider’s rate. Our numbers are considered normal US/UK numbers so are not especially expensive to call.

  19. Shimona

    Can I use it on multiple devices? How many laptops, PC, Mobile handsets, or tablets 1 number can be used?

    • Admin

      It’s actually unlimited, but there will be a restriction of making one call at a time, and also, receiving calls will only go to one device, normally the first device that logged in. Multiple devices cannot simultaneously receive calls, only one device can receive a call at a time.

  20. Charles

    Can it be used by team members? Suppose 1 number can be used by my team of 5 on their laptop and handsets.

    • Admin

      When working in a team, if you have a single 2ndNumber account, you can share the SMS inbox for sending and receiving SMS, but making calls is restricted to 1 call outbound at a time, and inbound calls will only ever ring one device (the first device logged in normally). In a team scenario, ideally, each user would have their own account with its own 2ndNumber.

  21. Emilio

    I live in Peru and Chile and I am interested in the 2nd number, does it work?

    • Admin

      If you live overseas, you’ll probably know if your internet providers limit VoIP, but fortunately, most do not. Therefore there should be no reason why the product wouldn’t work – it would only not work in certain countries that specifically block the use of VoIP eg certain Middle Eastern countries do this. That said the WebPhone is quite good at getting around state-run firewalls and since you have a refund period, you can always try it out and then ask for a refund if you don’t have success.

  22. Gunjan

    If someone calls my US number from abroad will he pay anything?

    • Admin

      If someone calls your 2ndNumber from abroad, they will pick up the cost according to their mobile/phone contract. If it’s a US person calling a US 2ndNumber and they have bundled US minutes in their phone contract, then the call to your US 2ndNumber will be included in the bundle. Even if you’re based in, say, Spain and someone in the US call your US 2ndNumber, it will be irrelevant to them that you are based in Spain, the call charge to them will be a standard US call charge. Our numbers are considered normal US/UK numbers so are not especially expensive to call, it’s really down to the phone contract the person has that is calling you.

  23. AN

    If I had 1us and 1uk 2ndNumbers in a single account, can I combine the credit for common use?

    • dm-admin

      No, the credit doesn’t combine, it applies to each respective number.
      I hope it helps :)

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