21 E-Commerce Checkout Optimization Checklist

Quick Overview

Remove All Distractions On Your Checkout Page.

Eliminate Unnecessary Data Entry.

Allow Guest Checkouts.

Allow Customers To Correct Errors Quickly.

Recently one of my business partners in a bit of trouble. He can’t attract his audience after the visitor came to his site and within 2-3 min they leave.

This is a problem of every 2nd e-Commerce company they can’s retarget and convert them into genuine buyers.

Research shows that a whopping 98% of people visit a website, and then just leave after scrolling through it. 75% of those never come back. It’s time to make your website stand out.

Engage your customer within your website is a big task, no matter how your website builds but if they are not attracted to your website…all your good works ruined and your main goals to coverts visitors into your focus buyers are failed.

Your main focus or objective is to pursue a fulfilled visitor’s requirements firsts and if you were willing to do that jobs my friends you are in right place.

If you want your websites to be as successful as possible, you need to continuously optimize it to improve your conversion rate and your shoppers’experiences. That requires data.

You need to know how shoppers use your store so that you can find the weak spots in your funnel.

When a customer overcomes all distractions and finally reaches your checkout page, you want to make sure she actually completes the transaction and makes a purchase. Easier said than done though, because the average cart abandonment rate is a whopping 70%, according to Baymard.

Here’s a 21-point checklist you can run through, in order to reduce cart abandonment and improve conversions on your website.

1. Remove All Distractions On Your Checkout Page

2. Allow Guest Checkouts

3. Eliminate Unnecessary Data Entry

4. Allow Customers To Correct Errors Quickly

5. Allow Cart Modifications Without Having To Leave The Checkout Page

6. Include Ways Of Abandoning The Cart But Not Your Website

7.Create A Minimal Header & Footer For Your Checkout Page

8. Give Your Checkout Button The Place Of Honor

9. Make Sure The ‘Checkout’ Button Is Always Visible To A User

10. Add Trust Seals, Padlocks, Certification Badges Or Logos

11. Allow Multiple, Trusted Payment Methods

12.Display The Product Summary Clearly

13.Highlight $$$$ Savings

14.Mention How The Product Will Be Delivered

15.Have A buyer-friendly Refund Policy

16. Add A Way For Customers To Contact Support

17.Retain Items Added To The Cart For At Least 15 Days

18.Include A Discount Area

19. Make Sure The Checkout Page Takes Less Than 4 Seconds To Load

20.Create A Drip Email Campaign For Abandoned Carts

21. Offer Free Shipping








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