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MobileAction ASO Lifetime Deal

App Store Optimization and App Analytics Tool

Creating and publishing an app is a rewarding process. However, despite all the work you put into developing your app, if it doesn’t reach your target users, its success will be limited. This is where Mobile Action comes in. We provide you with a toolkit for creating a solid app store optimization strategy.

How Can ASO Help Me Grow My App Business?

The advantages of engaging in app store optimization are countless. Some key benefits are:

  • Bringing in Organic Users: Organic users, or users who come from organic searches, are the best type of user you can get. Organic users find your app while searching for a specific app to fulfill a specific need. These users often have the highest retention rates and are much more likely to spend money on your app.
  • Long Lasting Effects: Even the earliest tweaks to your app store optimization strategy can have long lasting effects on your app. For example, unlike other methods of app promotion, ASO has long lasting effects.
  • Affordable and Easy to Learn: ASO is one of the cheapest methods for promoting your app. In addition, app store optimization is an easy skill to pick up. Plus, if you run into any challenges there are numerous resources out there to guide you through the process.

What Does Mobile Action Offer?

Mobile Action provides you with access to vital data points that every developer should have. In order to help small Indie developers and SMB companies have a shot at having their apps discovered, we have prepared the Mobile Action Startup Plan, which gives you lifetime access to Mobile Action’s Startup ASO product.

The Startup Plan offers:

Keyword Search Volume: Also known as the Search Score on the Mobile Action dashboard, the keyword search volume metric shows users how popular a keyword is, an integral insight for creating a strong ASO strategy.

Keyword Ranking Difficulty: Also known as the Chance Score on our dashboard, this metric tells us how difficult it is for a user to rank a certain keyword, thus helping you choose the right keyword for your own app.

Keyword Ranking History: This metric provides you with insight into how your rankings have changed for each keyword over time. This longitudinal information is the backbone of a successful ASO strategy.

Keyword Suggestion: Other than providing vital keyword metrics, Mobile Action also offers offers actionable keyword suggestions.

Competitor Analysis: Understanding and analyzing your competition is a mandatory practice for any business, and our toolkit ensures you attain deep and actionable insights on your competitors.



What’s included in this deal?

By signing up for the Mobile Action ASO Startup Plan you will gain access to the following features:

  • Lifetime access to the ASO Startup Plan for $99
  • Reusable 100 keyword limit for tracking
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • Multiple team member access
  • Access to data on 5 million apps for both iOS and Android
  • Review & rating breakdowns
  • Category rankings
  • Review analysis
  • Top charts, biggest movers and losers, new apps
  • Keyword suggestions and research
  • Keyword spy for competitor apps
  • Keyword translator
  • Track 100 competitor apps

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