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GoPinLeads is used for sales prospecting by 1000s of professionals around the globe

Remember those “Do you like me? Yes or No” notes we used to send in grade school to people we were interested in? (Still waiting for a response, Ashley.)

Well as grown adults running businesses, not much has changed — we still ask people if they like us.

The problem is, most of us aren’t getting the number of responses we want because our surveys are as lame as those notes.

Luckily, there’s a tool making it fun for customers to submit feedback: Feedier

For more know, Watch this 2 Min Demo Video

What is Gopinleads?

This lead generating tool is incredibly easy to use — you can search GoPinLeads’s database with either their Chrome extension or by launching their web app. (If you know how to search for a restaurant on Google Maps, then you can use GoPinLeads.)


What does Gopinleadsdo?

GoPinLeads is able to get you all of the contact info you want by searching millions of websiteslike LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, corporate sites and databases in US, UK, NZ, AU, CA, and 245 other countries.

To gather leads, simply select the location you want to search, insert a keyword or two, and bam! GoPinLeads will fetch you venues (businesses) and their employees’ email addresses, phone numbers, social media, and more!

With each you’ll search, you’ll get a spreadsheet of data with three tabs: Venues, Leads, Leads with no name.

The best local B2B leads finding tool to locate venues, their employees, phone numbers, email addresses and social media profiles.

But let’s take it one step further.

As an agency, you can use GoPinLeads to show potential clients a list of their potential clients.

So say you wanted to a local restaurant to hire you, you could show them a list of local food distributors they could use to cut costs. (Yeah, there are levels to this, and yeah, you’re hired.)

People all over the world are generating leads with GoPinLeads

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