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An Overview Of WordPress Wiki & Knowledge Base Plugins


There was a time when WordPress was only used by bloggers and small businesses, but now it is used to create every type of website, and one such is a knowledge base website. There are ways through which you can do it such as plugins or a combination of two. We’ll take a look An Overview Of WordPress Wiki & Knowledge Base Plugins.

If you want to build a useful knowledge base, wiki, or FAQ site for your business or just want to design a website that allows users to ask and answer questions, then you have to check out this collection of knowledge base, wiki, and FAQ WordPress themes.

I have listed down  a list of  WordPress Wiki & Knowledge Base Plugins (Free and Premium) that let you build knowledge base website.


Free Wiki & Knowledge Base Plugins:

Wiki (lite) by WPMUDEV



The first and most popular (by a large margin) is Wiki (lite) by WPMUDEV. Personally having used this plugin (and its premium counterpart) much more extensively than the others in this post, I can vouch for its quality more than any of the others–which I have, of course, installed and tested but not put to use of weeks or months.

With this plugin you can quickly and easily create a Wikipedia style entry for any topic/subject you want. Once installed it lives within its own primary sidebar menu in the WP Admin called  Wikis. Basically, each Wiki entry is a custom post type–but without any tags or categories, which can be a bummer at times. Nevertheless, you’re still able to accomplish a basic but functional wiki entry with each new post.

It includes:

  • Allow anyone to edit wikis from front end
  • Allow anyone from the network to edit wikis
  • Allow site users to edit wikis

Live Preview  Download


Very Simple Knowledge Base


This is a very simple plugin to create a knowledgebase.  The Very Simple Knowledge Base is nothing more than a shortcode [knowledgebase] that triggers a page template for displaying certain blog posts and categories.

Once installed, there is no menu or settings to configure in the WP Admin. As you can see above, the plugin simply uses its shortcode to create a documentation style display. If you wanted I’m sure you could compliment this plugin with a custom post types plugin or a plugin such as WP Hide Category that filters your blog feed; that way you could write documentation style post without them appearing in your regular blog roll.

Live Preview  Download


Encyclopedia Lite


Encyclopedia Lite is a Wiki plugin that lets you create an encyclopedia entry, glossary or lexicon, and a wiki. The plugin can be used to create, manage or present a knowledge database that will be fully compatible with WordPress or any other publishing tools. Encyclopedia Lite serves many purposes and is available for free download and installation.

The plugin also supports many languages such as Latin, Russian, Arabic, Turkish and more. Some of the features of the plugin include auto-indexing services, easier management, the organization of categories, categories and filtering options, multiple languages and alphabet support and more.

Key Features:

  • Manage and organize your terms as encyclopedia, lexicon, glossary, Wiki, dictionary or knowledge base
  • Automatically generated index page with all terms, sorted alphabetically, with prefix filter on top (optional)
  • Every term has its own page with unique URL
  • SEO conform URL structure for all kind of pages
  • Tags and categories¹ to classify your terms
  • and more…

Live Preview  Download


Welcome WikiLite


WelcomeWiki Lite is a WordPress wiki plugin that lets the users embed an entire MediaWiki page or section of the page into your their WordPress website. This is the best plugin that embeds content from any pages as it follows MediaWiki protocols.

It is implemented using shortcodes, so you need not require any coding knowledge to work on this plugin, and you can easily maintain a wiki website. The WelcomeWiki Lite plugin can also be used outside WordPress as well but not as a plugin.

Live Preview  Download


Premium Wiki & Knowledge Base Plugins:




The first plugin is simply the pro or premium version of the Wiki plugin above. In addition to the points I made about it above, it should be noted that the premium version does add a lot of features:

  • Works with any theme
  • Complete front-end editing
  • Ability to be edited by anyone–not just registered users
  • It keeps a log of your full revision history
  • Has more notification options (for when pages you’ve worked on are edited)
  • Includes breadcrumb and widget navigation
  • and more…

Live Preview  Download


UserPress: Wiki Knowledge Management for WordPress


UserPress is marketed (and certainly priced) as a higher end solution that any of the other options here. However, having not tested it extensively, I’m a little dubious that it is worth its $99 price tag.

Especially considering that that does not include indefinite updates or support, but only one year’s worth. However, with those reservations out of the way, I can say that it does appear to be a high quality wiki solution that is actively updated and developed.

Key Features:

  • User Restrictions
  • Live Search
  • Content flags
  • And iFrame preview, which allows you to preview other pages without leaving the one you are currently reading.
  • and more…

Live Preview  Download


Wiki Pro


Wikis are the future and this is the best wiki plugin for WordPress. Collaborate, discuss, crowdsource and create better content with Wiki Pro for WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress.

Key Features:

  • Complete front-end post, edit and upload
  • Full revision history with simple restore
  • Both registered user and public wiki options
  • Wiki discussion boards with Gravatars
  • Embed media files – video, images, audio
  • Comprehensive notification system

Live Preview  Download


Knowledge Base


Knowledge Base is one of the popular premium WordPress wiki plugins, and it is very easy to use as well. Knowledge Base is a simple and flexible plugin that lets you create a highly functional and attractive wiki style page. Although it is designed for documentation style pages, it works great as a wiki plugin too.

Some of the important features of the plugin include super-fast search, multiple widgets, integrated breadcrumb, latest posts, drag and drop knowledge base posts, responsive design, fast support and much more. Knowledge Base is a great plugin, available for download and installation at $20.

Key Features:

  • Layout options
  • List article shortcode
  • Responsive deisgn
  • Live article search
  • Drag & Drop article and category reorder
  • and more…

Live Preview  Download


So there you have it. That’s my Overview Of WordPress Wiki & Knowledge Base Plugins. Have you used any of these plugins? Did I perhaps miss one that you enjoy and want to recommend?


Thank you reading this post!! Feel free to suggest your own Plugins for this collection.



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