5 ways to make money with WordPress Plugin


We all know that WordPress is no longer just a blogging website, it is much more than that. Now days many people have found ways to make tons of money with WordPress. There are many different ways by which you can also earn a living online with it.

Have you ever thought of making money using WordPress? If yes, this detailed post is a treat for you where I will be discussing 5 ways to make money with WordPress Plugin.

How to make money with your WordPress plugins ?

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Are you good at WordPress plugins ? What about making some money with it ?

Making a WordPress website in current scenario is very easy, you can easily create your website in WordPress.com. By using all the below given WP plugins you can easily manage your any website.

Let me introduce some popular and important WordPress plugins, which helps you to make more money online.

Let’s have a look over these plugins…

1. Boost your revenue by Turbo Cash Tracker


Turbo Cash Tracker produce short links and consolidated with Powerful Real-Time Analytics. If you want to understand this plugin in easy terms is, it generates a short link of any product, services, blog or anything which you wants to promote. And see your visitor’s and click counts and make money from it.

Originally TURBO CASH TRACKER price is $89, but for a limited time only, you can get only $6 (93% off the regular price)!

Benefits of Turbo Cash Tracker:

  • Focus On Quality Traffic.
  • Increase Your Traffic.
  • Targeting Locations.
  • Discover New Traffic Sources.
  • Instant Results.
  • Identify technical issues of your website.
  • Accurate and real-time tracking.

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2. Viral Keyword Maker – keyword suggestion tool


Viral Keyword Maker can set aside you quite a while for most subjects, however you can decrease the time spent on finding appropriate catchphrases to match clients interests and cravings – and obviously be found in list items.

In this plugin you’ll be able to take advantage of long list of keywords, so you can learn more about your slot. From the list of keywords suggested you can put it directly in the title of your Pages or Posts on the other hand include it as a tag.

It is very easy to use, it shows the widget in the left menu. This plugin helps you generate new-new ideas for your post.

Originally VIRAL KEYWORD MAKER price is $89, but for a limited time only, you can get only $5 (94% off the regular price)!

Benefits of Viral Keyword Maker:

  • Engaged Audience.
  • Increase conversion.
  • Eye Trends.
  • Prioritize Your Time.
  • Find New Markets.
  • Higher Organic Search Ranking.
  • Generate greater revenue.

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3. Promoty WordPress System – Optimize your metas


Promoty SEO can help to easily optimize your meta title, meta description, and meta keywords (meta tags) as per the recent competition and implement by your own self.

With the help of this plugin you can easily change your meta title, meta description, page content, and keywords(meta tags) according to the recent competition and implement by your own self.

Originally PROMOTY SEO price is $29, but for a limited time only, you can get only $6 (79% off the regular price)!

Benefits of Promoty WordPress System:

  • Increased Traffic.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Increased site usability.
  • Brand Awareness.
  • ROI.
  • Targeting locations.
  • Accurate and real-time tracking.

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4. Income Master – Increase Income and traffic


Income Master is offering a platform for the other clients to post their Ads on your site, increase your income quicker and traffic as well.

This is the most effortless approach  to place advertisements in your WordPress site. Simply drag a widget to the sidebar, simply upload an advertisement image and finally save.

Originally INCOME MASTER price is $28, but for a limited time only, you can get this only for $4 (86% off the regular price)!

Benefits of Income Master:

  • Increasing traffic.
  • Increases online presence.
  • Insert multiple Ads.
  • Image Hyperlinking.
  • No paid upgrades required.
  • Targeting locations.
  • Customize Ads size.

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5. Tag Sticker – Combination tags styles


Tag Sticker is combination of tags styles. This will highlight your tags, so that users will attract and stay on your website. It gives a configurable widget showing a cloud of tags, categories or any other taxonomy.

This plugin will help you by improving your website lookup field; it is a gathering of tag styles. This will helps you to highlight your tags,  with the goal that users will appeal to and stay on your website.

Originally TAG STICKER price is $48, but for a limited time only, you can get only $5 (90% off the regular price)!

Benefits of Tag Sticker:

  • Quick Turnaround.
  • High Quality.
  • Price.
  • Design Flexibility.
  • Insert customize tags.
  • Increases traffic.
  • Easy to understand.

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6. Social Video Booster – Easy way of Video Marketing


Social video Booster Share your viral recordings YouTube and get activity to your site.

It is a module that permits you to view recordings from YouTube, the video is hindered until the guest partake in one of the informal communities the video, once you share video will open and imitated.

Originally SOCIAL VIDEO BOOSTER  price is $99, but for a limited time only, you can get only $27 (73% off the regular price)!

Benefits of Social Video Booster – Easy way of Video Marketing:

  • Easy to use.
  • Simply enter you tube video URL.
  • Change video height and width according to you.
  • Quick Response.
  • Video Is More Persuasive.
  • Search Engines Love Video Content.
  • Increase Your Searchable Footprint.
  • Video Builds Trust & Credibility More Effectively.

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You don’t have to be a WordPress genius to make a living. If you can use any of the above mentioned plugin you will have plenty of chances to make really good money using WordPress. Also, figure out what your targeted audience truly wants; this way you will be on the right track.

Do you have any more strategies to earn money online using WordPress? Please share them in the comment section.



Thank you reading this post!! Feel free to suggest your own Plugins for this collection.


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