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5 Secret Facebook Marketing Tips

Hello friends,

Today I’m going to tell you a very important earning method: 5 Secret Facebook Marketing Tips.

Facebook, with its more than 1000+ million users, presents a massive opportunity for business. But the first question arises in everyone’s mind is, “can Facebook really generate money & traffic?”

Firstly, You should decide your revenue model. What steps will get your users to buy?

How can you attract your user’s attention in the first place? What does the conversion channel look like?

And how does Facebook suit with other marketing plans that already work for you, like email marketing, text messages, affiliate marketing, etc…?

There are a number of strategies, that companies use to do Facebook business effectively.

Let’s look at below mentioned points:

  • Email your Facebook Ads to subscribers.
  • Facebook Ads and Text Messaging.
  • Generating Traffic to Your Ad-Supported Sites.
  • Fan Marketing and more…

1. How to Target Facebook Ads

The top mistake most marketers make with Facebook ads is not targeting them correctly.

Facebook’s ad targeting options are unparalleled. On Facebook, you can target users by:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Connections
  • Relationship Status
  • Languages
  • Education
  • Workplaces

2. Ways To Increase Your Business Sales with Facebook:

     2.1 Make User Engagement first–
     Start by posting interesting content, including: Photos

  • Photos
  • Facts
  • Questions
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Links to interesting & inspiring articles

     2.2 Show Off Your Products–
The power of suggestion is very strong on Facebook especially with images that ignite the senses & passions of people.

Here’s an example of an eBook off their products:

       2.3 Run a Facebook Offer-
Facebook offers some other great way to increase your sales using Facebook. You can run an offer directly from your page’s Publisher, where you normally post status updates.


       2.4 Boost Your Posts-
I’m a huge fan of the Boost Post feature on the facebook page.


          Here’s why:

  • It’s simple
  • It gets results
  • It’s easy to measure the results

         2.5 Make it Easy to Contact You
               a. Contact via Facebook message–

fb 1.1


allow-messages-on-facebook-page 1.2

            b. Contact Via Phone no.

         2.6 Get More Likes-
To get engaged on your posts, you have to have fans or friends, So get more Likes! You’ll find this feature just above your cover photo on the left-hand side.

promoted-page-likes 3

3. Advantages Of Using Facebook:

Listed below are some of the advantages of Facebook for increasing the profit and growth of the business, which cannot be missed:

  • This marketing strategy is low cost
  • It can be used for sharing information with the related groups or persons.
  • Users can be interactive on Facebook.
  • You can easily provide customer support via Facebook.
  • It helps to get awareness about your brand or service with the help of Facebook likes.
  • It can also increase the traffic of the website.

4. Disadvantages Of Using Facebook:

There are so many disadvantages of marketing your business on Facebook.

  • Advertising Cost – We know that the Facebook pages are free of cost for personal users, but for business accounts that feature advertising opportunities, it will be paid.
  • Competition – The chances of the content duplication and copying your data will increase. Competitors can easily join with you as a “friend” or “follower” to get access to your content.
  • Maintenance Cost – It requires proper updating on the regular basis to make Facebook marketing more effective.
  • Professionalism – There are so many things are getting promoted through Facebook, and it is meshed with your professional reputation that you want to establish for your business.
  • Loss of Control – Managing the content that appears on your Facebook page takes the time and effort of approved content checker, which can be time-consuming and costly for small business owners.


5. Which Revenue Model Should You Choose?

If one of these models isn’t an obvious match for your business, I’d recommend you first test direct Facebook ads to whatever is already working for your business. Do you have products or services that already sell well? Use Facebook ads to send more traffic to them.

Fans can also be affordable acquired through Facebook ads, but make sure you understand the amount of time and creativity required for fan marketing before you start. Companies that jump into fan marketing without that understanding and a good plan usually post in a way that doesn’t lead to much interaction. Then, EdgeRank reduces the reach and value of your Facebook page. Overall, the ROI of your efforts becomes low or negative. But when you get the right fans from Facebook ads and engage them with interesting content, profits often follow.

Closing lines,

If you want to know more about Facebook Marketing, click to see a free eBook demoWhat are your best Facebook advertising tips? Share them in the comments.

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