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5 Best Heatmaps & Video Session Recording Software

Hey, everyone. Many of you asked me about the Heatmaps and visitor’s session recording software. So, finally, I have decided to write a blog on 5 best software that records visitor’s heat map and session recording. Nowadays heat maps and session recording is very important to know which area of your website getting a lot of attention.

Hotjar is a new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors, letting you more easily identify the best opportunities for growth.

Hotjar takes the complexity out of analytics and feedback by using one script and one account to harvest data smarter.

Plans:   Personal = $29/month             Business plan = $89 month

HumCommerce is a conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool. It provides behavioral analytics (visitor session recordings, Heatmaps, etc.) in addition to traditional analytics (Traffic data, traffic source, etc.).

Humcommerce helps you to understand exactly how visitors interact with your website so you can convert more visitors into buyers.

HumCommerce is one of the best CRO Tool that equips its users to grow revenue.

Plans:   Lifetime Deal At $49     

It is an analytics application that lets you go far beyond what regular site analytics does. Save a huge amount on Inspectlet Website Heatmaps. Stop guessing what your visitors want by tracking their every move.

Record all of your visitor’s sessions and then analyze them to see which areas of your pages are getting the most attention and more.

Plans:   Micro= $39/month           Startup= $79 month            Growth= $149 month  

Crazy Egg is a must have software if you’re serious about conversion rate optimization. Harness the power of heatmaps, without the high costs. 

Using heat maps, scrollmap tools and more, Crazy Egg’s visualization software gives you the details you need to increase your site’s overall conversions!

Plans:   Basic= $29/month        Standard= $49 month        Plus= $99 month      Pro= $249 month    

Seotify is much more than just analytics. From keyword research, and competitive website analysis to content writing, it helps you with every aspect of online marketing in one

Competitive heatmap analysis discover how visitors use your and your competition’s website, learn from their optimization methods, compare and improve your conversion.

Plans:   Regular= $42/month        Agency= $165 month        

I hope this blog might be useful for everyone, looking for Heatmaps and Visitor’s Session recording software.