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5 Best Free WordPress Auction Plugins 2018

Building a dedicated online auction platform can be a great tool if you’re selling your own products online, and you want greater control of how your auctions look and are run. They’re also a great idea if you run a niche business, and you want to give other users – your online community – the opportunity to sell their products.

Auctions are great —It is a process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder. Ever thought of creating a WordPress auction plugin that can help you to sell the unique collection of yours? Or becoming an auctioneer to sell unique items from the different part of the World.

A collection of Auction WordPress Plugins for creating auction website shop. Including: Woocommerce extensions, compatibility, eBay & PayPal integrations etc.

Watch t his video for 5 Best Free WordPress Auction Plugins:

Today in this article, we have hand-picked 5 Best Free WordPress Auction Plugins.

Let’s list the Best WordPress Auction Plugins.


WP Auctions

WP Auctions will give you the freedom in posting host auctions in your website or blog. You can also sell any product that you prefer, and you can do it without paying any charge because this is free. It has 5 style displays and it has an easy process of deleting, editing, and ending.

Key Features:

  • Start your personal auctions in a matter of minutes.
  • 3 Bidding Engines.
  • Color Customization
  • Custom contact field.
  • Show auctions in a List or Graphic format.
  • Set a global Bid increment value for all auctions.
  • And much more…

live Preview  Download


 This Domain is For Sale Plugin

Have some domains to sell? Here’s a fast & easy way to do it! With “This Domain is For Sale” you can receive offers for your domain names directly from visitors instead of using a domain marketplace!

This plugin does not (actually cannot) support WPEngine, nor do we recommend this host as they have a cache system that just makes no sense.

Key Features:

  • Works with any theme
  • VisualComposer support!
  • Per-domain logo upload
  • Domain list filters
  • Domain search
  • SEO statistics!
  • Powerful cache!
  • Per-domain configuration
  • Supports fixed price sales!
  • Strong spam protection
  • <meta> description
  • SMTP support
  • And many more.

 Live Preview   Download 


WooCommerce Simple Auctions


Nowadays, many website owners are searching for a way in making their website more manageable and useful. It is significant to enhance the appearance and function of a website in order to get more traffic and also to make it more popular to the internet users.

The best free WordPress auction plugins allow the website owners to have an easy process in setting up a professional auction website just like the style they use in WooCommerce website like: DealMirror .

These are truly made flexible and simple that works in any WordPress theme.

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration into WooCommerce via its hooks
  • You get new type of WooCommerce product type
  • Normal or reverse auctions
  • Proxy / auto bidding
  • Set start and end time for auction
  • Easily control how you want to display auctions
  • Email notifications
  • And much more…

Live Preview   Download


Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin


Ultimate WordPress Auction plugin is the most popular and best-supported WordPress Auction plugin available. Start selling your stuff in a quick and easy way by setting up a professional auction website in eBay style.

Key Features:

  • Registered User can place bids
  • Ajax Admin panel for better management
  • Add standard auctions for bidding
  • Buy Now option with paypal
  • Upload multiple product images
  • Show auctions in your timezone
  • Paypal ready payment settings
  • Set Reserve price for your product
  • And much more…

Live Preview   Download  


Auction Nudge


Auction Nudge plugin enables you to embed your live eBay information on your WordPress site using Auction Nudge. It is a set of free widgets to integrate eBay into your own website. Once you installed, all tools will update automatically to display your most recent eBay information.

Key Features:

1. Feed options

  • eBay username
  • eBay site

2. Display options

  • Theme
  • Number of items to show
  • Show multiple pages
  • Open links in new tab
  • Image size

3. Sort order

4. Filter by keyword

5. Filter by category ID

Live Preview   Download



Thank you reading this post!! Feel free to suggest your own Plugins for this collection.



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