Vendor Terms and Conditions

Please review the below mentioned T&C of Vendors:

1. Support

We only help you to sell  your product, we’ll provide you the email list of customer’s and support will be provided by your website.

2. Refund Policy

We provide 30 days payment refund policy.

3. Unique product / Originality

Your product must be unique, it can not be a copy of another website’s product. In case this happens, immediately we will cancelled your vendor account.

4. Limitation and boundations

When your product is on, you are not permissible to live that particular product on your website/ other’s website.

5. Limited liability

We provide some limited liabilities, like: All the products on our website are downloadable and the download links have expiration dates up to one month.

6. Payment method

We send payment to your PayPal account after 30 days of purchasing product. Our payment method is PayPal only.

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