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Viral Keyword Maker – keyword suggestion tool

Reg Price: $89.00
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Benefits of Viral Keyword Maker:

    • Engaged Audience.
    • Increase conversion.
    • Eye Trends.
    • Prioritize Your Time.
    • Find New Markets.
    • Higher Organic Search Ranking.
    • Generate greater revenue.

WordPress is the most used content management system on the Internet. Millions of new contents get published every day. Therefore the team wanted to improve keyword and topic research for WordPress users to do even better search engine optimisation and write awesome pieces of content a lot faster.
Viral Keyword Maker can take you a long time for most topics, but you can reduce the time spent on finding proper keywords to match users interests and desires – and of course be found in search results.

Viral Keyword Maker, this plugin you will be able to take advantage of long tail keyword so you can learn more about your niche. From the list of keywords suggested you can put it directly in the title of your article or add it as a tag. It is very easy to use, from the same page to add an item, it shows the widget in the left menu. This plugin helps you generate ideas for your post.

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How the Viral Keyword Maker Plugin works:
The Viral Keyword Maker Plugin for WordPress allows you to easily research the most used search queries matching your particular keyword or topic while writing your next post or article. The Plugin shows you the current Google suggests data for your chosen language and country in real time. You can create your awesome pieces of content right in your WordPress installation and start searching for suggested keywords to implement without switching to any other external tool or service.

Viral Keyword Maker


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$89.00 reg price
Purchase this product now and earn 50 Points!
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