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Boost your revenue by Turbo Cash Tracker

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How this Turbo Cash Tracker is useful:

    • It shows exact click counts & Locations.
    • Discover New Traffic Sources.
    • Gives Instant Results.
    • Accurate and real-time tracking.
    • And much more…

Turbo Cash Tracker produce short links and consolidated with Powerful Real-Time Analytics.

The Turbo Cash Tracker ‏ is committed to showcasing Agencies Affiliates, Publishers, and Advertisers. This effective in with no reservations one module permits you to promptly enhance your web advertising activities.




– Produce short links like http://yourdomain.com/7TDZ8nMEqg
– Give counts of unique visitors.
– Give counts of clicks.
– Giving filtering options Statistics by the browser, OS, country, city,  date (day, week, month, custom).


Key Features:

  • Produce short links using your own domain name.
  • Track significant bits of knowledge into your site’s guests including the quantity of extraordinary and non-exceptional guests; human or robots; country; town; IP address;
  • Track the number and estimation of transformations that were lead by your WP blog: opt-ins, purchase, subscriptions, downloads, etc…
  • Track vital insights about movement sources: referrer, catchphrases, parameters.
  • Secure your affiliate code with advanced cloaking.
  • Monitor your links and secure them from click fraud actions, 400 and 500 server errors, and blacklists.
  • Suggest 404 errors, page not found, and redirect your “lost” visitors to a customizable landing page.



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