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if you've ever tried to redesign the layout of a web page in HTML, you already know that it can be a
very long process of trial and error. Even using a WYSIWYG editor doeesn't guarantee that things will go
smoothly! Today, you have the power to redesign the style of any web page using your mouse to
click, to set effect elements - with Quick Web Styler!

Quick Web Styler is the latest example of innovative, timesaving system,
and its going to revolutionize the way you approach website layout! Quick web Styler lets
you select ANY element on ANY website just by clicking it with your mouse - then lets you
easily modify the properties of that element on the fly!

Web effects, font sizes, content changes,
tag effects, change fonts,
formatting, alignment, and more!

one click of a checkbox gives you the ability to drag and drop image elements anywhere on
the page! Just use the intuitive visual interface to design the layout of your form until it's
exactly as you envisioned it, then save your work as a website.

Including Snap Feature

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Some Powerful Feature

1 Minute Easy installation

View All Style in One Place

Effects Styler Option

By Effect style you can Add Effect to website or web pages. Either you can apply effect
on one specific page or on all. It also provides Page in And Page Out option,
in which you can apply effect on page in or out time.
Effect Style also let you decide duration of effect on each section (page in and page out).

Content Styler in Home page

It is a simple but powerful technique which can edit and format data,
shows live changes on website. Not only data editing, also gives you many option
like inserting links, images, table, formatting content etc.

Tag Styler Option

A simple working Techniques which allow you to change the way it shows on website.
you can apply different font families, weight, sizes on tags and also some effects like tag a alignment,
animation and text transformation. Tag sticker also give you option to show categories and links in
different form. You can add tag sticker in any widget and show it to your specific section.

Why do you need Quick Web Styler?

Quick Web Styler Provides you with web layout functionality that is
vastly superior to making changes to HTML code by hand.

Before, you wanted to change the properties of a particular element, you'd have to locate that
element in your HTML code, make your adjustment, and then reload the page into a browser to
see your changes. With Quick Web Styler. just one click gets you access to any element's properties,
and your changes are immediately reflected in the integrated browser!

Change content, foreground and background colors, fonts,or formatting- then watch as the
browser window updates to display your changes. Quick Web Styler gives you a quicker, easier
way to make changes to website elements.

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Personal License (Use On Single Site)
SEO Money Pro( Single Site License )
Developer License (Use On unlimited Site)
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